Video Ad of the Week

Under Armor – It Comes From Below

Cam Newton stars in this new Under Armor ad that coincides with the start of the NFL season. The ad continues Under Armor’s ‘It comes from below’ tag line as they continue to focus their advertising efforts on shoes. Under Armor consider shoes to be a major growth opportunity moving forward. The ad features dark undertones and production values, showing Newton coming back bigger and stronger after last years Superbowl 50 defeat to the Denver Broncos.

Cafe du Columbia – “Greatness is Brewing”

Celebrating the 47th Anniversary of the moon landing, this ad tells us that Black Gold AKA coffee was behind the moon landing and many important events throughout history. Of course, specifically Colombian coffee. The” Greatness is Brewing” campaign features a number of video ads. The ad is targeted at millennials who may not have been introduced to Colombian coffee, and who have been exposed to ‘origin stories’ from many other coffee suppliers.

Chipotle – A Love Story. Week 7/18/16

Chipotle release their third animated story. The tale is created by CAA Marketing and animated by Passion Pictures. The ad features two local lemonade entrepreneurs in competition who eventually, consumed by competition and success, become the ‘evil’ fast food corporation. Eventually, seeing they have lost their way and abandoned their humble beginnings, the two go into business together. ‘Cultivate a better world’ the ad tells us at its conclusion. One can only feel that this is a cry for help, coming just after the latest scandal surrounding the fast casual giant.

JC Penny

JC Penny gets ad for the week with this empowering ad for their plus size catalog!  The ad features 3 women telling the world they are proud of who they are. Their voices are a counter to the negative voices that have tried to judge and hold them back based on perceived imperfections.